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BPHYT's Elite Basketball Training

Development Program

BPHYT provides the perfect environment for youth and elite level basketball players to make significant improvements in basketball performance while still reducing risk of injury. At BPHYT we understand that each athlete has unique needs and goals so we ensure that they receive individualized programs within the group training setting. Each program is periodized to ensure that specific goals are met within a set time frame. All of our high-performance programs are custom designed based on scientifically proven training principles. This ensures that each athlete gets maximum benefit from each training session both in terms of performance and injury risk reduction.


Mike Fong has been training athletes for over 8 years – the majority being elite-level youth basketball players. In recent years, Mike has also been practicing as a physiotherapist with a primary focus on high-performance athletes. He opened the BPHYT facility to bring these two disciplines together and provide fully integrated, science-based, high-performance training programs. Mike is passionate about promoting a safer, more effective, science-based approach to long-term athletic development for student athletes. He stays current with the latest research and innovation in the field of strength and conditioning through direct study and attending internationally recognized conferences. He has been invited to present at 2 Canada Elite events in 2016.

The BPHYT basketball training program is unrivalled in the GTA. Spaces are limited so call now to set up an assessment and register.

Olympic Lifting Bars and Bumper Plates

Ideal for strength and power development!

Physical Layout

The BPHYT facility is a 4000 sq ft space with a 25 ft ceiling - lots of room to do real basketball-related activity. The open concept design keeps everything integrated - and makes sure no one escapes Mike's watchful eye!


The ultimate vertical jump, power and speed development machine! This system is typically only found in professional sports teams and Division 1 Universities’ training facilities.

75 Foot Astroturf

This huge stretch of astroturf is ideal for speed, power and agility development. The padded surface reduces impact to athletes' joints so you can train hard with lower risk of injury.

50 Foot Training Rig

Our 5 squat/benchpress stations keep everyone actively engaged for weight training. The rig has over 14 chin-up stations catering athletes up to 7ft.