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Featured Member - Danny Tran

Danny Tran is a long time BPHYT member and he can be seen (and heard) 'enjoying' his workouts on a regular basis. Here's what he had to say about his BPHYT home away from home...

"I come from a little distance away.  But I come here because of the fact that it is something I feel that motivates me.  People motivate me.  The trainer, Mike, got a style that I can't explain.  He knows what he is doing obviously.  He being a physiotherapist as well is great cuz he knows exactly the forms and the fact that he is monitoring you and if anything, knock on wood, would go wrong, he's there for you.  He knows exactly what to do." 

"The family is great.  They motivate each other, know each other's weaknesses and strength.  I just can't say enough about it.  The fact that I come from about half an hour and so away and at certain time where I come from work and it takes me about an hour to get here.  But I still make it here because the fact that it is the only place where I can get what I need."

Danny Tran